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6 Unknown Water Buffalo Milk Benefits

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Water Buffalo Milk Benefits

If you have never heard about water buffalo milk benefits, well, let me tell you that now is the time to learn some of them. Water buffalo milk is rich in bioactive compounds that may promote cardiovascular and bone health; also, it contains 40% more nutrients than cow milk. So, start to improve your health with dairy products that are as healthy as delicious.

1. Improve your Heart Health

Heart Health, A2 Milk

One of the water buffalo milk benefits is related to your heart’s health. Buffalo milk has a lot of benefits for heart health in comparison to cow milk. First, buffalo milk has half of the cholesterol, a key factor to prevent high cholesterol diseases like heart attacks or strokes. This also promotes, in general, good cardiovascular health.

Second, it has more calcium than cow’s milk, almost double. Calcium helps to prevent hypertension by keeping blood vessels elastic, another great benefit to maintain cardiovascular health at the top.

Third, there is more potassium in buffalo milk than regular cow milk. Potassium functions as a vasodilator, so buffalo milk can help you to lower your blood pressure. High potassium is also related to the prevention of other coronary complications like the hardening of arteries.

2. Bone Strength

Bone Strength, A2 Milk

Milk is well known for being a rich source of calcium, a mineral needed for bone development. But buffalo milk provides twice the amount of this mineral that cow milk. This impacts directly on bone strength, making buffalo milk better for the prevention of osteoporosis, for example.

Also, casein, a relevant protein found in milk, comprises approximately 89% of the total protein content of buffalo milk. Some studies show that casein-derived peptides may increase bone density and strength, enhance bone formation, and reduce bone resorption. In addition, many other minerals are found in buffalo milk, such as manganese, copper, phosphorus, and zinc that also help to have a stronger bone system.

3. Improve antioxidant activity


Antioxidants are any compound that can counteract unstable molecules called free radicals that damage cell membranes, DNA, and other cell parts, which is linked to certain diseases. Buffalo milk has antioxidant properties due to its vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds.

One study determined that the total antioxidant capacity of buffalo milk ranged between 56–58%, compared with 40–42% of cow’s milk. Another study found that buffalo milk fat provides small amounts of phenolic compounds and fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A and E, all of which have potent antioxidant properties.

4. Great Source of Protein

Great Source of Protein, A2 milk

Another of the most significant water buffalo milk benefits is its high amount of protein. Protein is essential in your body. It reduces appetite and hunger levels, increases muscle mass, is excellent for your bones, lowers your blood pressure, and helps your body to repair itself.

So with all these benefits, why not search for a good source of protein? Water Buffalo milk has more protein than cow milk. Also, water buffalo milk protein is denser, so it takes longer to digest which keeps you satiated for more time. Also, your body uses protein for the smooth functioning of various enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals.

5. Boosts Skin Health

Skin Health, Buffalo milk

You do not need to bathe in milk like Cleopatra to obtain all the benefits of milk. Just try buffalo milk and feel the improvement in your skin. Water buffalo milk is packed with multiple vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein, as we have written; all of this which can work wonders for your skin. Water buffalo milk keeps your skin nourished and vitalized with a bevy of nutrients.

6. Buffalo milk is 100% A2 Milk

Buffalo milk, A2 Milk

One of the most important water buffalo milk benefits is that it is 100% A2 milk. A2 milk is less of an allergenic than A1 milk. What does this mean to your body? With twice the protein, double the calcium, and 40% more nutrients than regular cow's milk, this A2 milk appears to treat your digestive system much better.

Have you heard about these water buffalo milk benefits? What are you waiting for? Start today to include dairy products made with water buffalo milk.

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humpy farms
humpy farms
03 sept 2022

Buffalo milk personally i like most because of fats buffalo milk have .curd and paneer also healthy .

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