Our multiple award-winning yogurts are distinctly different.


Annabella yogurt starts with 100% Water Buffalo milk, the most nutritious milk available for human consumption. It is 100% A2/A2 milk, which means that is less allergenic than A1 milk, it has double the Proteindouble the Calcium40% more nutrients and it has half the Cholesterol than traditional cow’s milk.

Our small batch, artisanal yogurts also have no hormones, preservatives or additives. Their rich, delicate taste and creamy texture are deliciously distinctive.


Annabella yogurt is never strained and is also great as an ingredient. It’s a versatile substitute for sour cream, mayo, or cream in cooking, and is perfect in smoothies.

Pure and creamy, our plain yogurt is classically delicious. Top it with chocolate chips for a delectable dessert, Or, blend it with a medley of fresh fruits for a healthy treat. And, be sure to try it in your favorite recipes in place of mayo or cream.


Spoon up the goodness!

Passion Fruit


A2 Water Buffalo Yogurt

Our Yogurt is a

Six Time Award Winner

(but who's counting)

Start your day with our award-winning passion fruit flavor! This tropical fruit infuses a sweetness and tartness all at the same time, balanced by the natural creaminess of our yogurt: a taste of Colombia in every bite!

Specific lactic cultures (S. thermophilus and L. bulgaricus),
Probiotic lactic cultures (L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium sp.).
Pasteurized Water Buffalo Milk (Grade A), Passion Fruit, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Live and Active Cultures.

Our Water Buffalos deserve Purity, And so do You.

Sun. Water. Grass. Fresh Air.

Pure by Nature.

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