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What is A2 milk and how is it different?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A2 milk water buffalo milk jar and cup in a wood table with water buffalo blurred in the back

Have you recently heard about A2 Milk and you’re looking for the main reasons it might be different?. Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to try to summarize some of the most frequently asked questions and quote sources that can help us to answer them.

What does A2 in A2 milk mean?

Before geek into any benefit, let’s get clear about what A2 beta-casein means. And where does it come from?

Have you thought about the list of ingredients in your milk? More than protein, sugar, or calcium, can you think about the amazing tree of dozens gene variations? That is what happens with the beta-casein gene. One of the main proteins available in bovins, next to whey protein.

This is a description of beta-casein protein in A2 Milk according to this group of scientifics in Italy:

“The beta-casein constitutes up to 45% of bovine milk total casein and presents 12 genetic variants (A1, A2, A3, B, C, D, E, F, G, H1, H2, and I). In dairy cattle breeds variant A1 and A2 are the most common”.

Next time you hear about A2 milk or A2 products, be aware that it means that it contains only A2 beta-casein type protein. And keep in mind that even though both A1 and A2 proteins can be found in cow's milk, only A2 protein can be found in Water Buffalo’s milk.

A2 milk comparison beta-casein protein structure and other A2 milk ingredients as lactose, fat, minerals, whey protein

How is it produced A2 protein in A2 milk?

To understand how A2 beta-casein is found or produced in milk you need to know that according to K. F. Ng-Kwai-Hang and F. Grosclaude:

“The original beta-casein protein in bovine milk was A2 and A1 beta-casein is a consequence of a mutation, probably occurring some thousands of years ago.”

Also, it’s remarkable to say that beta-casein is naturally produced by mammals and Water Buffalos are internationally recognized for producing only A2 protein.

A1 vs. A2 Milk, which one is better?

If you feel ready we can look into a few theories and studies around A1 and A2 protein in milk. As you might have found out, the internet is full of information and different sources have common points of view about A1 and A2 protein health benefits. We are going to display some of them in an:

A2 milk vs A1 milk comparison table. Pros and contras according researchers

Is A2 Milk organic?

The answer is simple, not necessarily. As we have learned A2 dairy products are related to a protein available in milk. On the other hand, whether milk or dairy products are organic or not, are determined by their production processes.