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Cow milk vs. Buffalo milk: 5 main differences

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

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Milk is the wonder drink we all have overheard from our childhood. We know all its benefits: good for the bones and your overall health; but, in the wide range of options, two kinds of milk are the most common: Water buffalo milk and cow milk. Nevertheless, when you must choose between one of them, which one is better for you? Today, we will talk about the cons and pros in the battle between cow milk vs. buffalo milk.

Cow milk vs. Buffalo milk

cow milk vs. buffalo milk

Both cow and buffalo milk are highly nutritious and provide a vast number of vitamins and minerals; nevertheless, if we are going to talk about cow milk vs. buffalo milk, there are some differences that you should know.

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1. Protein content

In the cow milk vs. buffalo milk quest, protein is one of the main differences. Water buffalo milk has, in comparison to cow milk, more protein. What does this mean? Protein is one of the big macronutrients (with carb and fats) that your body needs, and it is not only for increasing muscle mass; a considerable number of the tissues on your body also need it.

A rich protein diet increases the feeling of fullness which is crucial if you suffer from cravings or late-night snacking. Having more protein in your daily intake will help you to reduce those cravings; you might consider that these cravings could be one of the causes of increased unwanted weight gaining.

2. Fat content and cholesterol

Fat is responsible for the consistency of milk. Cow milk contains a lower amount of fat compared to buffalo milk. Hence, buffalo milk is thicker and much better for dairy products such as mozzarella cheese, ice cream, or dulce de leche.

A study on buffalo milk fat also found that this type of milk provides small amounts of phenolic compounds and fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A and E, all of which have potent antioxidant properties.

Moreover, buffalo milk contains a lower amount of cholesterol than cow milk; hence, it is a preferred choice for people suffering from diseases like hypertension or kidney ailments.

Nevertheless, in the cow milk vs. buffalo milk contest, it is essential to consider that the guidance of a dietist is crucial. Low fat and high cholesterol on cow’s milk vs. high fat and low cholesterol on buffalo milk is something that you need to consult with an expert. The reason is that you need to consider things like your current weight, your current diet, your level of activity, and other factors to see what is suitable for you.


Buffalo milk is richer in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals compared to cow milk. Also, a source of casein derived from buffalo milk may promote bone health and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. This makes water buffalo milk an excellent source of calcium.

4. Water

Cow milk tends to have a higher water content compared to buffalo milk because it contains fewer solids.

5. Water buffalo milk is A2 milk.

In the cow milk vs. buffalo milk showdown, one thing that stands out is that the water buffalo milk is 100% A2 milk. A2 is a high-quality protein, which overall is good for your health.

3 reasons to include water buffalo milk in your diet

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1. If you want to improve your sleep at night, go for water buffalo milk. It is considered sleep-inducing.

2. Do you like practicing sports or love going to the gym? Then you know the value of protein and fat in training; hence, buffalo milk is for you.

3. Buffalo milk is beneficial for achieving healthy bones and teeth. Another health benefit that you get with a daily intake of buffalo milk, due to the high amount of calcium, is over those diseases associated with low calcium levels such as osteoporosis.

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humpy farms
humpy farms
Sep 03, 2022

Nice blog on the difference between cow & buffalo milk,I thought buffalo milk is more beneficial than per the individual requirement of a person they can refer to any cow or buffalo milk as per choices.

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