Our multiple award winning low moisture Fresh Water Buffalo Mozzarella is unlike anything on the market.


It boasts a slightly salty, subtly tangy flavor, with a tender texture, delicate aroma and it's perfectly meltable.  We use only Water Buffalo milk, which is prized in cheesemaking for having a higher fat content than cow’s milk. Annabella's Low Moisture Water Buffalo Mozzarella is carefully produced by skilled artisan cheesemakers, dedicated to making cheese to perfection, in the long honored and traditional way. It’s then packaged and delivered to your local market within days of its creation.


Finally you can upgrade your favorite recipe by using our Low Moisture Buffalo Mozzarella! 

Two Top Industry Awards In One Year!

Yes, it really is that good!

Low Moisture Mozzarella


A2 Water Buffalo

2019 Nexty and ACS Winner!

Yes! It really is that good!

 Pasteurized Water Buffalo Milk (Grade A), Salt, Citric Acid, Starter Cultures, Enzymes.

Sun. Water. Grass. Fresh Air.

Our Water Buffalos deserve Purity, And so do You.

Pure by Nature.

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