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5 Easy recipes with Water Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Pasta, tomato cherry, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Looking for easy recipes with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese? Find 5 simple ideas that are perfect for dinner during a lazy Sunday, or during a busy night where you have to stay up late working. They will fit for any occasion where you need to use practicality and fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cheese.

1. Pizza paratha with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Pizza Paratha Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

This is one of the simplest ideas ever! And it can be used with many changes as you want to. We are going to use premade parathas because they are a quick solution to make easy recipes at home. And when we don’t have much time or energy, they will be the perfect option to make an easy pizza with low-moisture Buffalo Mozzarella cheese. So, let’s get started!


For 1 serving:

3 tbsp pizza sauce or tomato paste.

1 premade paratha (preferably gluten-free).

1 tbsp white onion, chopped.

½ capsicum (red & green, finely chopped).

¼ tbsp oregano.

¼ tbsp rosemary.

Annabella Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese.


Jalapeno if you like, chopped.

Olive oil.

Salt and pepper to taste.


  1. In a bowl prepare the stuffing by adding onion, capsicum, olives, jalapeno, and salt to taste.

  2. Heat the mix of veggies in a pan with olive oil.

  3. In a clean pan, heat the paratha for both sides following the instructions of the packing. Fry it until it is golden and crisp all over.

  4. Spread 2 to 3 tbsp pizza sauce or tomato paste on the paratha.

  5. Spread the veggies on top. Add Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and heat until melted.

2. Easy quesadillas with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Easy mexican quesadilla Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Quesadillas are great. They can be easy to make and have many varieties. They are outrageously delicious and cheesy that we don’t even have to justify to ourselves why we are including this recipe. And it’s going to be even more creamy and spongy with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese. So, what do you need?


For 2 servings:

4 premade tortillas (preferably gluten-free).

2 cups Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, grated.

½ white onion or 1 small white onion, thinly chopped.

2 green onions, sliced.

2 bell peppers, thinly chopped.

2 tbsp olive oil.

½ tbsp oregano.

½ tbsp pepper.


  1. Cook green onion, white onion, and bell peppers over olive oil from low to medium heat. Add pepper to taste.

  2. In another skillet, cook the tortilla for both sides over low to medium heat. Cover the tortilla with the veggies and top it with grated Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese.

  3. Fold the tortilla and let it cook for both sides until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is golden brown.

  4. Slice into wedges and serve with sour cream.

3. Easy spring salad with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Easy spring salad Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, mix lettuces, easy salad

Salads are the easiest dish ever. Specifically, this pesto salad with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is going to be the right answer when you’re looking for a quick but nutritious dinner. For the recipe, we suggest a mix of spring lettuce (chervil, arugula, leafy) because that’s how we like it, but you can use romaine lettuce or any other kind if you like to.


For salad

For 2 servings

1 cup cherry tomatoes, sliced in half.

2 cups Annabella Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, diced.

1 cup lettuce spring mix (chervil, arugula, leafy).

3 tbsp pesto.

1 tbsp torn fresh basil.

½ cup pine nuts.

1 tbsp chopped arugula.

For pesto

2 cups basil

1 cup arugula

⅓ cup pine nuts

2 garlic cloves, chopped

⅓ cup pine nuts

juice of half a lemon

½ teaspoon salt

½ cup extra-virgin olive oil


For salad

  1. In a bowl, mix the lettuces with tomatoes, fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, and pesto.

  2. Spread basil, pine nuts, and one tbsp chopped arugula as a topping.

For pesto

  1. Blend all ingredients, except olive oil into a food processor. Puree the ingredients until smooth.

  2. While the pesto is being pureed, pour the olive oil into the mixture in a steady stream. If you want to use it later, you can refrigerate it in an airtight container.

4. Easy Italian pasta bake with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Easy Italian pasta bake Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Although we decided to keep it a vegetarian dish, you can add leftover chicken or beef. Or you can start cooking chicken in water before catching this recipe. Another tip is to make sure to grease the pan with cooking oil or butter before putting the pasta into the oven.


For 3 servings

3 cups short pasta noodles.

1 white onion, finely chopped.

3 tbsp tomato paste or carbonara sauce.

2 tbsp sour cream

1 cup Low Moisture Buffalo Mozzarella cheese.

Garlic salt and oregano to taste.


  1. Cook the pasta according to package directions.

  2. Start preheating your oven to 350 °F (175 °C).

  3. Cook onion and sauce over low heat.

  4. When pasta is ready, drain the pot and start layering the pasta over a baking pan.

  5. Layer the pasta in the pan. Layer the sauce and with a spoon spread out the sour cream.

  6. Sprinkle Buffalo Mozzarella cheese to the top.

  7. Bake for 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

5. Easy mushroom Crepes with Buffalo Mozzarella

Easy mushroom Crepes Buffalo Mozzarella

Something different about low moisture Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is that when cooked it does not spread water over your dish. Instead, it starts giving a creamy and dense texture to the crepes.


For 2 servings

4 small tortillas or 2 medium size tortillas

3 cups fresh mushrooms

1 cup Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, diced

1 cup grated Buffalo Mozzarella cheese.

200 gr baby leaf spinach or acelga

1 tbsp plain flour

2 tbsp butter

½ cup semi-skimmed milk


  1. Cook mushrooms on 1 tbsp butter. When golden brown adds spinach or acelga together. Stir until just wilted, then remove from heat and set aside.

  2. In the same pan, melt 1 tbsp butter and plain flour. Mix it. Whisk milk gradually until smooth. Let it simmer and watch for a few minutes until thickened.

  3. Spread grated Buffalo Mozzarella cheese to the mix and pepper to taste. Blend it all. until the sauce is dense and cheesy.

  4. Meanwhile, cook your tortillas using packaging directions.

  5. Set the mushroom and spinach mixture among tortillas. Add diced Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and roll the tortilla into a cylinder.

  6. Place the tortillas on a small baking tray and spread the cheese sauce all over it. And grill until piping hot, golden, and bubbling.

  7. Serve straight away and enjoy!

Do you want to continue cooking with our water buffalo mozzarella cheese? Try this delicious sandwich with buffalo mozzarella, made by our guest Laura Werlin.

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