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Spoon Up the

With Our Rich, Delicious & Super

Healthy Water Buffalo Milk Products

Our multiple award-winning yogurts

are distinctly different and made with love


Why Water Buffalo?

When we say Annabella is grass fed and free range, we have an entirely different meaning. All of our dairy comes to you from family farms in Colombia, where our Water Buffalo graze happy and free in the clean air of one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.


We begin with naturally rich and creamy Water Buffalo milk, which is the source of all of our products. This rich and nutrient dense milk leads to a product unparalleled in nutritional content and deliciousness.

Water Buffalo milk is the most nutritious milk available for human consumption. It is 100% A2/A2 milk, which means that is less allergenic than A1 milk, it has double the Proteindouble the Calcium40% more nutrients and it has half the Cholesterol than cow’s milk.


At the farms, our free range Water Buffalos practice rotational grazing in order to ensure the lightest footprint on the environment and to minimize erosion of our beautiful lands.


The end result: we are able to bring you rich, nutritious and delicious Water Buffalo Dairy products that are free from any preservatives, fillers, colorants, gums, or additives.


Natural and delicious dairy products that are as environmentally conscious as you are.

Pure by Nature.
Why Water Buffalo



All of our ingredients are carefully sourced,

ensuring the only thing you taste when you eat our delicious A2 Water Buffalo dairy products are:


Naturally farmed fruit and rich, luxurious, and highly nutritious A2 Water Buffalo milk

that makes up our unparalleled, multiple award winning Yogurts, Mozzarella and Dulce de Leche.

Grazing on natural grasses in the high, mountain air,

all of our Water Buffalo are 100% free range, grass fed,

living their entire lives in the breathtaking biodiversity

of our Colombian Andes.

Once our A2 Water Buffalo products have been manufactured,

we bring them directly to your doorstep with Home Delivery shipped directly to you from our online store,

Or to your favorite local grocers…packed cold, shipped cold, to ensure your first bite is as delicious and pure as the day it was made!

We begin with our happy, healthy herd...

Our Products


Why Water Buffalo Yogurt is Better


Sun. Water. Grass. Fresh Air.

Our Water Buffalos deserve Purity, And so do You.

Pure by Nature.
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